Emergency Management Services

Emergency Management Services works closely with the academic community to prevent, protect against, mitigate, respond toÌıand recover from theÌıvulnerabilities to hazards or disasters that may affectÌıthe university. Through multiple modes of safety education, such asÌıconducting training exercises, routine drillsÌıand equipment tests throughout the year, the division is better able to deal with the unforeseen challenges inherent in an actual emergency.Ìı

Some of these responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:ÌıÌıÌıÌıÌı

  • Maintaining the university’s Emergency Operations Center.
  • Coordinating with the university's Emergency ResponseÌıTeam.
  • Updating emergency protocols to correspond withÌıbest practicesÌınationwide.
  • Coordinating emergency preparedness as well as safety and security with theÌıregional and satellite campuses.
  • Developing and reviewing comprehensive university Emergency Management Plans, Emergency GuidesÌıand Facility Emergency Response Plans.
  • Conducting tabletop, functional and full-scale exercises to test the existing plans and guides.


Emergency Management Guides

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Vincent Marino
Emergency Management Coordinator